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Allpress Christmas Chocolate Bundle

Coffee and chocolate, is there a better combination? A simple and delicious bundle featuring our Allpress Espresso x Bennetts chocolates and 250g of our limited edition Christmas Blend with with berry, cocoa and sweet spice flavours.

Allpress x Bennetts Chocolates 

Double Espresso - 60g - 80% cocoa 
This is indulgent dark chocolate spiked with Allpress Espresso, for a rich, bittersweet finish. Enjoy. 

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate [(Min. 80% Cocoa Solids), Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavouring.], Allpress Espresso Blend.

Flat White - 60g - 45% cocoa
This is velvety milk chocolate with a hint of Allpress Espresso, inspired by your morning Flat White. Enjoy. 

This Bundle Includes:


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