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Festive Blend - Office

A Sweet Celebration of Flavour.

Creamy and silky with mild berry acidity, this complex blend is bursting with tropical fruit flavour. With sweet brown sugar body and a delicate floral aroma, this is one of our favourite limited-edition releases this year.

Available for a limited time only, our Festive Blend is the perfect brew for the holidays to enjoy with friends and family. 


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Roaster's Notes

The natural Rwandan and natural Brazilian bring delicious notes of tropical fruits with silky mouthfeel. A washed Colombian contributing honey and brown sugar body accompanies a natural Ethiopian providing mild berry acidity and a floral aroma.

Bean Origins

Colombian Washed (Pescador)

Brazilian Anaerobic Natural

Rwandan Natural

Ethiopian Natural

Coffee bean plant
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The reincarnation of our annual classic — a sweet celebration of flavour for the holidays.