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El Salvador Himalaya - Espresso Roast

Tasting notes: Cherry, lime, caramel

With a reputation for producing top-tier specialty coffee, the Apeneca-Ilamatepec region of El Salvador is the largest coffee-producing region in the country, home to the Himalaya estate. 

Growing strictly bourbon variety, Himalaya’s coffee is shade-grown between 1,500-2,400m on a farm that has been family-run and owned for over 150 years. 


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Roaster's Notes

With the country’s highest active volcano (Santa Ana) nearby, this region possesses incredibly fertile volcanic soil, consistent among many Central American coffee-producing countries. 

The high altitude of the Himalaya Estate combines with the fertile soils of the region to produce a distinctive cup. Natural-processed, the coffee cherry is left intact on the beans giving them their intense, fruit-heavy flavour. 

Bean Origins

Region: Apeneca-Ilamatepec

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1500-2400m

Process: Natural 

Coffee bean plant
Sourcing Image

El Salvador Himalaya; a natural-processed lot roasted for espresso.