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Ethiopian Koke

A sweet coffee with great body and notes of caramel, apple and blackberry


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Roaster's Notes

The Koke washing station is named for the Koke kebele, or town, where it is located in the Yirgacheffe district of the Gedeo Zone.

Coffee farmers in Yirgacheffe are typically multi-generational, smallscale landholders, sometimes with only a few acres of land. Most coffees in Yirgacheffe are sold as cherry to centralised washing stations that help further separate flavour profiles. This natural coffee is sorted by hand before being dried on African raised drying beds for 21 days.

Yirgacheffe is considered by many to be the birthplace of coffee and the coffee trees grown in the region are a naturally occurring mix of heirloom varietals cultivated among other species in coffee gardens and coffee forests.

Bean Origins

Ethiopia Koke

Coffee bean plant