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Iced Black - 12 Pack
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Iced Black - 12 Pack

Taking a specialty grade Brazilian coffee from Minas Gerais, we’ve brewed the perfect Iced black coffee for on-the-go.

A cold brew style black coffee, our Iced Long Black packs a double shot of clean, specialty grade coffee sourced from Brazil mixed with nothing but water. The result is a smooth, bold and well-balanced flavour experience with notes of chocolate and toffee, with sugarcane sweetness and a clean, crisp apple finish.

Best served chilled, this iced coffee is the iconic flavour of your favourite café, sealed in a can.


  • 240ml can size
  • Specialty-Grade
  • Single Origin Brazilian Coffee
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 18-month shelf life
  • No added sugar or flavours



  • Roaster's Notes

    Our Iced Long Black can is a cold brew style drink based on our signature blend — smooth, balanced and complex.

    The perfect Allpress coffee experience; a double shot iced coffee to go. This black coffee in a can is for when you’re on the move— it’s the same specialty coffee from your favourite café, just made to go.

  • Bean Origins

    Brazil Minas Gerais

Perfectly brewed Brazilian specialty coffee; a smooth and balanced iced long black.