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Sakura 桜 - Nicaragua Selva Negra - Office

Delicate and sweet with a beautiful aroma.

In Japan, Sakura is a time to celebrate Spring and a new beginning. Friends and family gather underneath the blossoming cherry trees to eat, drink and be together.

Just in time for the flowers to bloom, we are releasing a limited-edition coffee SAKURA, in collaboration with artist Chika Higashi. And just like Sakura, this coffee is only available for a limited time.


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Roaster's Notes

Selva Negra has developed into a fully self-sustaining eco village. Coffee is cultivated in the most ecologically and socially sustainable way possible. Run with solar power and recycled gases, the farm features a vegetable garden, bakery and cheese making factory as well as a village with housing, a school, medical facilities and a baseball diamond for their farmers.

Bean Origins

Certified organic
Nicaragua - Selva Negra, La Hammonia

Coffee bean plant