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Barazta Encore Grinder
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Barazta Encore Grinder

Ask any barista you know what the best entry-level home coffee grinder is and you’ll consistently hear 'the Baratza Encore'.

This grinder is ideal for manual brew methods with razor-sharp 40mm conical burrs and boasting 40 grind settings.

Grind coffee finely for pour-over or coarsely for a cold brew, all 40 grind settings are capable of consistently producing a uniform grind size, which is a non-negotiable when you want a consistently delicious cup. The conical burrs will remain sharp for years!

NOTE: We are currently experiencing limited supply, please contact us directly at coffee@allpressespresso.com.au or by calling  +61 2 9662 8288 if you would like to enquire about purchasing a machine.


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