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Porlex Mini II Hand Grinder
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Porlex Mini II Hand Grinder

Grinding coffee fresh is crucial to getting the best flavour from your coffee and the Porlex Mini II Hand Grinder is an exceptional tool for this purpose. The perfect coffee companion for travel, work or home, thi sturdy grinder is 130mm in height and can hold up to 21g of coffee in the hopper.

With a newly designed burr set, the Porlex mini II can grind beans easier, faster, and more evenly than other hand grinders in the market which results in less fines, less boulders, and more even grounds.


  • New, improved ceramic burr set
  • Slim, simple, portable design
  • 21g capacity
  • removable rubber sleeve to fit perfectly into the bottom of an Aeropress brewer
  • 13 click adjustable grind settings


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