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The Good Brew - Office
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The Good Brew - Office

Bright, fruity and sessionable. 

Good any way, any day.

Roasted to highlight the juicy berry flavours; this sessionable coffee is our go-to for lazy Saturdays around the kitchen table.

Designed for any brew method, just make sure there’s enough to share




  • Roaster's Notes

    Roasted lighter than the Allpress Espresso Blend, this blend is for those who like their coffee a bit brighter and juicier.

    The Good Brew takes a Brazilian with good body, sweetness and slight citrus, and combines it with two Ethiopian coffees, each with distinct characteristics. A washed Ethiopian with delicate floral aromas, sparkling acidity and tea-like body is matched with a sticky sweet natural-processed Ethiopian with berry and stone fruit flavours. The Tanzanian brings juicy acidity, berry flavours and dry herbs to finish.

  • Bean Origins

    Brazil Dona Nemen

    Ethiopia Guji - washed

    Ethiopia Sidamo - natural

    Tanzania Matumba

Say hello to a new home for your coffee. Same great flavour, now in a commercially compostable bag.

Allpress Airtight Coffee Canister | Brown

With little and often in mind, the Allpress Airtight Canister holds 300g of fresh beans or ground coffee and is made to keep your coffee fresh for longer. Designed with an airtight lid made to seal in and protect the flavour of your coffee and decorated with our iconic Allpress brown colour-way and branding, this Airtight coffee canister is a stylish and useful addition to the pantry.